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pink elephant

pink elephant

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Perfect baby item arrangement to give away at a baby shower.

This arrangement contains:
- Pink Elephant Doggie
- Pajamas (18 months)
- Teething rattle
- Beanie
- Basket
- 1 pair of stockings

This arrangement is unique and made here in Quebec, but if you would like to have one made in a specific color, you can email us or private message us on our Facebook page

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Offer a gift that is just as exciting to give as it is to receive!

Gift set including all the essentials for future parents such as diapers, washcloths, socks, comforters, a pacifier clip and more! All with the theme of your choice.

Gift sets
  • The gift noticed every time!

    Impress future parents with an original gift set in its presentation, with all the essentials like diapers, washcloths, stockings and more!

  • A remarkable unpacking

    No other gift will amaze new parents so much when they discover the little lollipop-shaped stockings, cupcakes and flowers made of cotton candies.

  • Gone are the days of giving away a simple box of diapers!

    Offering diapers is a must at a Babyshower - except there's a way to make it attractive with a presentation in the shape of an animal or even a motorcycle.

  • Personalize the gift set

    Personalize the gift sets with products of your own or with future parents' theme colors. Also, add a personalized pacifier clip with the child's name.

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